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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I like reading his articles

even though i may not agree with him sometimes.

his recent article on cost of pre-school education is something on my mind maybe because i have toddler and i do wonder as a parent, what will be my choice if I am residing in Singapore. not just for pre-school education, but primary schooling options as well. that's always on my mind, cos there's always the possibility that we will be back in sg within the next few years ?? (i really don't know)

Or do i really have a choice? Like my fren says, singaporeans are peddling very hard so as not to be left behind. :(

whilst i'd like to think that i am one who will choose to do things my way ..... will i eventually be swayed by the societal pressures and expectations.

this issue has been on my mind for quite a while .... i don't like the fact that it's bothering me. why should it?? but it does.

why can't things be simpler, like when i was kid???

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