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Monday, November 01, 2010


1-2 years ago, one of the issues troubling me was kaira's "stickiness" to me/us. She doesn't want to be apart from us .... and attending church services usually meant that one of us had to accompany her @ sunday school.

thank God that now, it is a different story. She's such an "independent" girl now that it is hard to imagine that she was once shy & sticky. Ever since we attended this new church after the summer holidays, she has adjusted very well. She looks forward to sunday school and comes home singing the praise songs she learns each week.

I am really happy to see her happy.

I am also happy that we have are more/less settled in this new church as we have not been going to church for the past 1+year after the leadership change in our previous church. and in any case, i never really felt that i've integrated well into the previous church. so many possible reasons .... kaira was young then, i don't have as much flexibility/time as i have today, the congregation mix, the vision of the church etc. whatever it is, God knows.

it had been a challenging time for us, spiritually, this last year or so. really wondering what are God's plans and where is He in all of this. whatever the case, the last year of drought has come to an end. I am glad that we are now attending sunday service regularly and for me, the regularly ladies bible study group as well.

May the Lord continue to bless us in this new community and that we will integrate ourselves quickly.

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