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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Bittergourd is something that i acquired a liking when living in hong kong. 凉瓜炒蛋 was one of my favorite 茶餐厅 dish :)

since moving here, i hardly cook bittergourd for 2 reasons :
1. i can only get it at the oriental supermarket and even though i go there once a week, i tend to forget cos they are not placed prominently ;p

2. i wasn't sure if kaira will like it as i remember disliking bittergourd when i was younger!

anywayz, recently, i bought a pack of them -- 5 to be exact. and i decided to let kaira try it. first time, it was 凉瓜炒蛋 and she took a little of it and didn't complain.

2nd time, i cooked the bittergourd with minced meat and she seemed fine with it as well. until.....towards the end of the meal, she pointed to the vegetable in her spoon and told me she doesn't like it!! ;p although she had already eaten a fair amount of it....hahaha.... her reaction was abit slow.

guess, i can't cook it too often then ;(

talking about food, i am so glad that a few months ago she started eating raw cucumber and tomatoes. prior to this, i had a hard time convincing her to eat fresh vegetable salads.... it's not something i serve regularly at home and so i guess she's not used to it. so i tried to introduce her raw vegetables and although resistant initially, with some peer pressure, she now enjoys her raw cucumber and tomatoes and ocassionally celery!

i am very happy about this. don't have to worry about her vegetable intake so much especially when we travel :))

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