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Thursday, November 25, 2010

2011 ATP

still in progress.

getting headache researching all the information about my preferred destinations, accomodation, routing and all. and i keep changing my mind about where i want to go.

for now, it looks like we will make 2 trips, one to Switzerland and another to Poland (probably a short trip).

think we may have to give the cruise a miss in 2011. not enough budget!!!

any thoughts/comments/information u would like to share on my shortlisted destination??


The Woos said...

have you been to greece? Can fly there then take cruise around the islands.

Ms Long said...

heh, if we go on a cruise, greece would have been the destination ;p

the problem now is, whether we have budget for a cruise in 2011 ;p

and i forgot that i need to fit in london as well.

so many places -- such limited resources!!

The Woos said...

london is good! can take a overnight cruise over with the car even if you want to. then must go outside london for day tours like stonehenge, windsor etc, that's what we did. =) can check my blog for more if you like, we went in May 08 so just check the blog under that mth!