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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16 Nov Tuesday

Kaira was seated @ the dining table having breakfast

Kaira : Mama, mama, it's blur blur outside

[I was back facing the window and just the minute before, it was all clear.
Turning around, i saw our garden covered in fog.]

Me : that's fog my dear. we can call it mist too. but i think fog is a better word

Kaira : i want to go out and see the fog.

Sometime later, Kaira is in the garden and we were getting ready to go to school.

She's running around and shouting : I like fog. I like fog.

Me?? i was thinking, it's gonna be a cold bike ride today!!


(when we went out, it was ard 3-4degrees. thank God no wind!!! so, at least it didn't feel so cold).

I am wondering if we will see snow this year before we leave for singapore? will be nice for kaira to experience it. but it's only 3+weeks from now to our departure .... not sure if we will see the first snow this year :(

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