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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Pictures of WinterWonderLand ;)

our backyard and our neighbour's tree
on the way to kaira's school


kaira's development

is it because she's my child that i find her very intelligent??? LOL.

or maybe it's just the norm in toddlers these days? (^,^)

anywayz, some weeks back, i started her on a phonics DVD by BBC. she doesn't watch it every day. maybe a few times a week. and after a few times, i realise that she can identify which alphabets the word begins with. she doesn't get it right all the time. but still, i am quite blown away by this simple alphabet identification. is the DVD that good??? or are kids such great sponges that a simple "push" can elevate them to great heights.

2 weeks ago, the laptop which i let her use exclusively broke down which means that she wasn't watching the DVD for one whole week until mid last week when i grudgingly let her use my laptop ;p

today, we were having noodles for lunch, she suddenly said to me "N for noodles mama". I am quite sure i have never taught her that. so it must be the effect of the phonics DVD. :) then she started rattling off some other words and what alphabets they begin with.

i hope she continues to enjoy learning and expressing herself!

In terms of Chinese, she can now identify the following chinese words 妈妈, 爸爸, 哥哥, 弟弟, 姐姐, 妹妹, 吃, 喝. and the following words, she sometimes still get them wrong : 火车, 家, 花, 大, 小. i must admit that i am getting abit lazy teaching her these days. must buck up!

so there, that's what she's been up to these days.

Snow Updates

Today's (Monday) snow is about an inch. It's still snowing, although very lightly now. Weather forecast indicates that there's no snow tomorrow. Wonder how accurate that will be??

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kaira Experiencing a Snow Shower

She's delighted @ the sight of snow flakes gently floating down and how everything is covered in whiteness. What fun!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Snow

i was still lazing a bed. a wide awake and excited kaira was on my bed looking out of the window and went :

"Mama mama, it's white outside!"
"This is snow. THis is snow."
"I like snow! i want to go outside and kick the snow"

i love the innocence of a child.
I love the sight of first snow. Always so white and pure.

there wasn't much of the snow -- most of it melted by late morning. it seems like this coming week temperature will be as low as -7degrees. *brrrrrr* think we will be seeing more snow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2011 ATP

still in progress.

getting headache researching all the information about my preferred destinations, accomodation, routing and all. and i keep changing my mind about where i want to go.

for now, it looks like we will make 2 trips, one to Switzerland and another to Poland (probably a short trip).

think we may have to give the cruise a miss in 2011. not enough budget!!!

any thoughts/comments/information u would like to share on my shortlisted destination??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

kaira @ indoor playground

As part of her birthday "celebration", we brought her to the indoor playground near our place. it's been months since we last visited it ...... she was delighted! guess, with the colder weather now, it's time to visit it more frequently.

the video is a little dark .... hope u can see it.

Barren Coldness

and this is only the beginning.

I am so glad sunny singapore is awaiting me!! 3 more weeks to go!!

3 year old check-up

went for Kaira's check up today.

Weight : 14.3 kg
Height : 99.5 cm

Monday, November 22, 2010

Angel On Wheels

She's inseparable from her fairy wings .... LOL.

trying out the new running bike that we got her. pity the weather's not that great that she can't do it outdoors .... so now she's practicing @ home.

she's still getting used to it.

Thank You Lord.

To more good years!!!

Enjoying All Her Birthday Presents

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you Gong Gong and Ah Ma

Opening the Birthday Card from Gong Gong and Ah Ma a day before her birthday

On her birthday, opening up the present

Saying thank you to Gong Gong and Ah Ma and receiving their birthday wishes:
very happy to see Buzz LightYear!

Kaira is 3

per Kaira's request : chocolate birthday cake

Princess Kaira

huff & puff

Thank you everyone for the presents

Christmas is round the corner!

it's the time of the year again, when the german christmas markets begin!!

today's weather was so good (considering how wet it was last week!!), we decided to head out to dusseldorf .... kill 3 birds with one stone : have japanese lunch, enjoy the christmas market, make kaira's birthday weekend fun and interesting :))

really thankful the sunny weather. here's some photos of the day :

enjoying the animated window display
since it's her birthday on Sunday, she could ride on as many carousels as she liked

just like mama and papa, kaira loves japanese food :) (she wanted to try the sushi, but i didn't let her. not sure at what age i can start her on raw fish? somehow, i have the figure 5 year old in my head)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kaira's Birthday Celebration @ School

This is our first experience celebrating her birthday @ school.
She seemed to enjoy the attention showered on her :)
Basically this is what happens :
- a "crown" is made for her (as can be seen on the picture, which she's likes ALOT!!)
- she gets to sit on a "special" stool different from the other kids
- she gets to choose a present from the school's present box
- she gets to choose what songs to sing and who she dances with
- of course there's a birthday cake where she gets to blow the candles (altho a fake one! which i think is an excellent idea....hehehe)
- and as the birthday child, she gives gifts to the other children in class

some highlights :