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Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn's Tale

Autumn evokes such contradictory feelings in me.

On one hand, i love the autumn foliage and the changing of seasons. Yet, the rain and chill and the fact that it means winter is drawing close dampens my mood.

Thank God for lovely weather today -- dry, temperature in the teens -- that we managed to go for a walk in the woods (Joe Mann Nature Park @ Sonseweg Best) organised by the ladies' bible study group @church.

The route we were supposed to take was 3km and took us abt 1.5hrs. i was kind of worried that kaira will get tired and start being difficult or ask me to carry her ... (@_@) ..... but thank God she enjoyed the walk as much and only wanted me to carry her towards the end of the walk. can't blame her. even i was a lil' tired. ;p

she was busy looking for mushrooms and had new friends to play with which kept her happy :) and thankfully there were benches along the route allowing her to rest her feet.

looking forward to another autumn walk!

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