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Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Watch

next week is the autumn school vacation (one week break) and today being the last day of school for the term, there's a autumn walk organised by the school.

but i forgot to bring my camera. the children were given a plastic bag each for them to pick up the leaves, chestnuts, acorns, twigs and whatever they fancied.

Afterwhich, we headed back to school and using some of the stuff we collected, we created this :

Kaira loves picking chestnuts (actually not only chestnuts, acorns etc as well). There are a few chestnut trees near our place and we go regularly for walks so that she can pick them. Unfortunately, they are not edible. There are edible ones around, just that we have not gotten round to looking for them. plus, lots of people are into chestnut picking ...... and the supply is limited!

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