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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Artist @ Work

Art & craft, especially painting, is one of kaira's favorite activities.
here's her latest work of art! (flowers courtesy of a fren)

she's getting better @ looking @ the camera these days for photo taking :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Autumn's Tale

Autumn evokes such contradictory feelings in me.

On one hand, i love the autumn foliage and the changing of seasons. Yet, the rain and chill and the fact that it means winter is drawing close dampens my mood.

Thank God for lovely weather today -- dry, temperature in the teens -- that we managed to go for a walk in the woods (Joe Mann Nature Park @ Sonseweg Best) organised by the ladies' bible study group @church.

The route we were supposed to take was 3km and took us abt 1.5hrs. i was kind of worried that kaira will get tired and start being difficult or ask me to carry her ... (@_@) ..... but thank God she enjoyed the walk as much and only wanted me to carry her towards the end of the walk. can't blame her. even i was a lil' tired. ;p

she was busy looking for mushrooms and had new friends to play with which kept her happy :) and thankfully there were benches along the route allowing her to rest her feet.

looking forward to another autumn walk!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


more than 10 years ago while i was toiling away in the office and stressing over work, i dreamt of the day when i don't have to be stressed over crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s on top of meeting budget numbers and coming up with new marketing programs ...... that i can have the time to pursue more leisurely pursuits like pottering around in the kitchen and whipping up delicious meals. complete with an island kitchen ...

Thanking the Lord that He has indeed put the past behind me. And saying good bye to working life opened up a new world to me indeed although it also meant saying good bye to the "mooooolaaaahs" ;p

Of course, i am still lacking the island kitchen, big spacious family home and millions in the bank account ... hahahaha.

but i really do enjoy the pottering around in the kitchen, however messy and untidy my kitchen is.

presenting my latest attempt, home-made pizza :

i am very blessed and i give thanks to the Lord for his provision.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Watch

next week is the autumn school vacation (one week break) and today being the last day of school for the term, there's a autumn walk organised by the school.

but i forgot to bring my camera. the children were given a plastic bag each for them to pick up the leaves, chestnuts, acorns, twigs and whatever they fancied.

Afterwhich, we headed back to school and using some of the stuff we collected, we created this :

Kaira loves picking chestnuts (actually not only chestnuts, acorns etc as well). There are a few chestnut trees near our place and we go regularly for walks so that she can pick them. Unfortunately, they are not edible. There are edible ones around, just that we have not gotten round to looking for them. plus, lots of people are into chestnut picking ...... and the supply is limited!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn is really here.

Sub-10 temperatures. Frequent Rain. Chilly winds. Longer nites and shorter days.

Much as i love the sight of autumn foliage, all the above puts a damper on.

Kaira has been singing about "regen" (rain) and "paraplu" (umbrella) when she comes home from school so i think it's about time that she gets her own "paraplu" and finally bought one for her over the weekend. costs me 3.95euros after a 50% discount!! doubt i would have bought it if it wasn't on sale.... why is an umbrella so ex??? or am i out of touch and this is the "going rate"??

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Gorgeous weather we had!! clear blue skies, sunny and warm ...... perfect autumn day!!

Hubbie "participated" in the Eindhoven Marathon in his own way :

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Failed kaya making attempt

Failed kaya-making attempt last nite. it became toffee-like instead.


possible reasons :
(a) overcooked
(b) the fact that i used raw cane sugar instead of white sugar.

after 1.5 hrs of stirring and an aching right arm -- very discouraging :( hubbie didn't even want to taste it .....bwahahaha

hmmm, wait till i get some inspiration before i attempt again!!

and so i console myself by baking sugeee cookies again tonight. :)

now, i am thinking of baking a sugee cake -- i love sugee cakes!!! hope to find a good and easy recipe ;p

Monday, October 04, 2010

Taste of Home

i am quite pleased with myself ;p hehehe.

presenting the Sugee cookies and Kueh Salat that i made this week

kaira likes them both :)

i personally don't like to eat such kueh-kueh -- but hubbie likes lah -- so decided to make it for him ;)