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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Our first stop on this weekend French road trip was Rouen, the historic capital city of Normandy, France.

It's known for its Notre Dame Cathedrale (now, tell me which major european city/town isit??? ;p so many cathedrales to see in europe!!! they look alike to me sometimes.... ;p)

it's in Gothic style and the church bells, i can tell you -- they are still chiming loud and clear today!!

our hotel was directly opposite the cathedrale and yup 7+ in the morning, I was awakened by the chimes of the church bells.

then, there's the half timbered houses -- so well preserved and still in use today. they remind me of the german towns we saw during our German Road Trip last year.

Beautiful nevertheless.

and of course, the Gros Horloge which is a large astronomical clock.

More pictures coming up! stay tuned.

1 comment:

Ms Long said...

i realised that i forgot to blog about our little "misadventure" -- our car died on us cos hubbie forgot to turn off the lights (@_@)

it was a very stressful afternoon when we found our car "dead". but we meant some very helpful french who went out of their way to help us!!

really debunking the "atas" french that we always hear about ;)

from the young car park attendant who waived the car park charges to the lady at the hotel (not the hotel we stayed in) who went through the trouble of looking for help and speaking on our behalf .... thank God that everything was solved within an hour or so -- although it left us 100+euros poorer :p