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Friday, September 03, 2010

Ondeh Ondeh

this is my second attempt at making ondeh ondeh and i am very pleased that they turned out so much better than my first attempt ;))

in the past i loathe it when i ask someone for the recipe of a dish and they tell me that they don't have exact quantities as they go by "feel"..... Aaaargh !!! that's very unhelpful for someone like me who likes to follow recipes! (even then, when i follow a recipe exactly, they sometimes don't turn out the way they are supposed to.)

And this batch of ondeh ondeh, that's exactly what i did. Made them by "feel" .... haha. I hope i will be able to recreate them again (",) in the future!!

kaira was quite enthusiastic about trying them initially. but after one bite, it was very difficult to get her to take another bite ;p

just as well, me and hubbie can enjoy it ourselves.

1 comment:

Ms Long said...

just a note that sometime this month in November, she finally decided that she likes ondeh-ondeh!!! (^,^)

so difficult to understand little toddlers. really.

but i am nevertheless happy to know that she likes it!!