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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mont St Michel - Accomodation

I had 3 choices :
(a) staying in Le Mont St Michel itself -- but the research i made seemed to indicate that the accomodation may not be value for money (of course, since there's limited accomodation there)

(b) staying just outside Le Mont i.e. at the entrance of the causeway. hmmm, the reviews weren't that great and they usually do not include breakfast.

(c) B&B located in nearby towns

i finally chose LA FERME DE LA BAIE located in Roz Sur Coueson. it's about 15 minutes drive to Le Mont St Michel and a lovely countryside. Quiet and nice :) and from the B&B, it was a short drive to the lookout point with breathtaking views of Mont St Michel.

i think if we had chose options (a) or (b), we may not have ventured out so far.

my first experience staying in a farmhouse B&B and maybe i have been watching too much of Escape to the Country on BBC --> was a lil' disappointed that the building we were housed in still needed a fair amount of work ;p guess u can say it's RUSTIC :) although the room was nice and fittings were all new, so we were very comfortable.

wish we had a longer stay so as to enjoy the grounds more -- we didn't really have time to explore the gardens or bring kaira to have a look @ the animals. next time we stay in a farm-like B&B, i shall try to make time in our schedule to enjoy the farm.

kaira was absolutely delighted by the presence of the dog

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