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Monday, September 13, 2010


I have such a "love-hate" relationship with Monday.

On one hand, i look forward to it cos markets will open and i can look forward to 5 days of market "excitement" (or lack of, whatever). even though it's only Q12010 that i started dipping my toes into the market again after a 2-year hiatus, and i no longer actively day-trade, there's enough newsflow and homework to do, to at least keep me productive ;)

on the other hand, MOnday is the day i have lots of housework to be done. and now, little kaira can be such a "nuisance" cos she will be calling out to me every few minutes to help her with this and that, or she will be imitating my actions and wrecking havoc why i try to clean up ... for a while it wasn't like this. in fact, it used to be quite easy to do housework while she entertains herself. but these days, she seemed to have decided that she wants to be part of the action.....and so it kinds of doubles the time that i take to do things.

and when i am not in the best of moods, she gets alot of scolding from me ;( but she seems to think that i am "playing" with her and continues to keep smiling and irritating me when i scold her!!!

she sure knows how to irritate me!

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