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Monday, September 27, 2010

Le Mont St Michel

Just got back from a short weekend roadtrip to St Michel.

My intent was to visit Le Mont and on-route, make a stop @ Rouen.

In the end, we visited Cancale, Dinaan and Dieppe as well!!! All unplanned...hehehe.

Talk about packing it in for a short trip -- we left on Friday afternoon and just got back tonite (monday) and St Michel is like 6.5-7 hours away from us!!!

i think we are definitely improving by the day in terms of taking "longer" road trips! ;) hehehe.

kaira was quite cooperative, so that helps mightily :)

will write more about our trip soon. Here's some photos of Le Mont St Michel place. different views but all equally majestic :)

From the lookout point @ Roz Sur Coueson
from a farm
from the lookout bridge
making our way towards it on foot
Nite view

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