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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food for Thought

i recently read an article on Mr Tan's blog about treating late stage cancer.

I think the gist of his article was that if the cancer is of the late stage and the chances of cure are slim, spending $$$ on the treatments, may not be the wisest move, at least from a financial point of view.

when all the $$$ has been spent on treatments, at the end of the day, should one pass on, the cost of treatment may end up being a burden on those who are left behind.

coincidentally, i know of someone going through this stage now and the family is stretched financially now. in fact, very stretched.

and it got me thinking. if i am to face this situation, what would be my response?

i think if i am 60 years and above, it may be relatively easy to reach the decision not to spend the $$ seeking an extremely low chance of cure. live the last days happily and not incur extra burden for those who will survive me.
{that's what i say now lah .......)

but say, it happens now ..... is it so easy to make such a choice? would i not want to see my child(ren) grow up? how about being there for my parents?? would i not want to try my best to "battle on" ???? but really, at what cost? and all for an outcome that one may not be sure about.

hmmmm, such food for thought......

which led me to think about God, Faith and how will i respond or rather, how should i respond??

a heavy topic and much to think about........ tired now ....i shall think about it another day....

sweet dreams, nite nite.

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