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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Around this time in my "past" life, i believe i would be fretting over the AOP -- annual operating plan (or whatever fancy term it is being given now) -- planning and planning, strategising and strategising, all for the sake of meeting (if not exceeding) the budget numbers for the next financial year.

The thought of it BORES me already.

but now, i think i have the equivalent of the AOP in my life == the ATP : Annual Travel Plan!!!


sounds alot more interesting doesn't it?? kekeke.

so i am now researching for 2011 travel destinations. As with all AOPs, things are not cast in stone but i believe the targets will be met or exceeded! ;p

Come end 2011/early 2012 when kaira starts Group 1 @ the international school, our travelling dates will not be as flexible as now ....... *sob sob*

and when the time comes for us to leave this place behind, this shall be the thing i miss most!

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