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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Zaanse Schans

Since Zaanse Schans' so near to Alkmaar, we thought we would pop by since it appears quite frequently on tourist itineraries ;p plus my goal this year is to see more of Netherlands :)

but i have to say that i was a lil' disappointed with it. It's kind of a cross between Kinderdijk (pictures here) and Giethoorn BUT it is not as charming as either. or maybe i am already "jaded" .... seen too much ???

the good thing about it though is that there are quite a few interesting museums -- qutie educational although not something that particularly interest us (or rather our active toddler!). Plus it is very near to Amsterdam so it's good for tourists who wants a glimpse of windmills, waterways etc.

But i'd recommend Giethoorn and Kinderdijk anytime!

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