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Monday, August 23, 2010


A rather "师奶 auntie" topic i think ;p

some time back, i came across a financ-related article which highlighted how much one can save on each supermarket trip by putting in the effort to keep track of coupons/offers etc.

i can't help but reflect on my own supermarketing habits that has evolved over the years. and whilst i loathe to admit it ..... i do think that, more and more, i am taking on rather 师奶 mindset ;p

as a young swinging single, how often did i have to go to the supermarket? rarely. maybe to help my mum pick up stuff or for the ocassional get together/bbq etc.

Then, as a young married couple with our new home in Singapore. It was quite fun visiting the supermarket -- stocking up for our home. But since we were both working, and hardly cooked and were hardly at home anyway, the visits weren't that frequent, which means that I was not very price sensitive and usually, i buy whatever i fancied. And brand wise, i guess it's what's convenient and available. so it was usually NTUC or cold storage and ocassionally the more upmarket ones in town for more fancy stuff. I wasn't particular about where the stuffs were produced or where they came from. I trusted that whatever i buy was safe to eat/use.

When we moved to hong kong, there was a change. Whilst i continue to shop at the more mass market supermarket (ParkNShop and Wellcome which were so accessible), i became more conscious of where the stuffs came from. Blame it on the bad pubilcity of "made in china" stuff, especially foodstuffs!!! so if i can, i avoid produced in china and willingly paid for produce (oragnic or otherwise) from japan, europe etc. I chose to shop @ the more upmarket supermarket for most of my foodstuffs. Now, that's actually a rather half-hearted effort i think, cos when i eat out, i am sure most of the raw ingredients came from china! hahaha.. guess it's just me trying to think that i am not consuming too much toxic by choosing to shop @ certain supermarkets.

And when it comes to non-food stuffs, i buy when i need them. i don't particularly look out for sales etc. and sometimes when there's a sale, i think, is there something wrong that's y there's a sale??? ;p guess that's the luxury of being a DINK (double income no kids), no need to think so much over "small" things.... and i enjoy looking out for fancy/premium stuff.......they just look so much better ...hehehe

Now, here in the netherlands, i have so much more confidence in the foodstuffs available @ supermarket although i still try to buy organic produce as much as possible. if not, i try to buy holland produce as much as possible. and i also consciously tell myself to choose foodstuffs that are on offer and plan my menu accordingly rather than plan my menu and then buy the items. That helps to stretch the budget.

When it comes to non-food stuffs, i keep an eager lookout for offers everyweek. when i first arrived, i wasn't so conscious about supermarket offers (cos it was never in me to look out for offers), but i realised after a while how much more i was paying for items at regular price. so now, i make sure i stock up on toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, toilet rolls etc when they are offer and hope that they are not used up before the next sale ! ;p otherwise, no toiletpaper to use.... LOLOLOL .... joking lah.

i love it, when i see the price i would have to pay, versus what i actually pay ... especially when the difference is ard 30%-40% ... that's when i feel really goood. hahaha. although, that savings percentage doesn't happen too often.

the negative side of this is, i overstock on certain items at times. like i have so many bottles of shampooooooo i am not sure when they will be depleted. and why do i overstock?? cos i forget whether i have them in the first place!! my memory failed me :( i must must coordinate my buying with what i already have to ensure well-balanced situation!!!

one other habit i have picked up is to check on the expiry dates of items on sale. on several ocassions i almost bought expired items which were on sale. *tsk tsk*

such a long post on topic like this???? i just thought it's really interesting to document the change that i see in myself. i guess the change also reflects the life stage i am in -- now with a child and being a single income family. if someone reads this and start reviewing his/her supermarketing habits which may mean paying less for more ... that's really great!!!

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