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Monday, August 09, 2010

National Day

9 Aug 2010. Singapore's 45th National Day. I managed to catch the live webcast with Kaira who enjoyed it for a while and then decided that she got better things to do! hehe.

Does one get more "patriotic" with age? or is it due to the fact that we are away that makes us miss home?

Really, when i was in singapore, national day, was really, another public holiday. I have not attended any national day parade before and while i do watch the parade on TV, not always.

SInce we left singapore, i think i have made it a point to try to watch it, as long as i can make it.

Proud of my country, proud of what it has achieved. Only thing is, i do feel a sense of detachment sometimes. Maybe it's the distance. Maybe it's the change that has been taking place within SIngapore -- that while it is familiar, i find it unfamiliar at the same time. it has evolved and maybe i have not kept pace with it?

She's 45, i am 38, yet it seems like there's more years between us than the 7 suggests. Funny why i feel this way.

Whatever whatever. At the end of the day, it is my country, it is my home. I am happy that it's doing well. Happy Birthday Singapore.

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