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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ghent (Gent), Belgium

It was bright and sunny this morning and so we headed to Gent, Belgium about 1.5 hrs drive from our place. Unfortunately, the rain came and wellz, let's just say, it could have been a much better day!! :))

But as we know now, the rain's not gonna stop us from having fun cos if it did, we'd be coop up indoors most of the time!!

It's a lovely little town with a waterway running through it and lovely old buildings (wellz, just like most of the other european cities we visit i suppose! ;p)

Must visit St Bavo's Cathedral. I have been to many historic churches .... let's just say that after a while, they started looking the same to me ;p with the few exceptions and this one i think is worth the visit! They didn't allow photographs to be taken. What a pity.

Inside the church is the painting "Adoration of the Mystic Lamb" by the Van Eyck brothers.

I think maybe we will be back again another time -- and hopefully then the sun's shining and we can take in the sights better.

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