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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Believe it or not, i took the public bus here in eindhoven for the very FIRST TIME today! ;p

惭愧 惭愧 ;p

when i first arrived here, i have a rather bad impression of the public bus service here. as in (1) long waiting times (at least 15 mins if i don't time it correctly). (2) there is only ONE bus serving my area. i think they use a "hub and spoke" system, so for me to get to another part of eindhoven, i have to take the bus to the centrum and switch to another. seems such a waste of time and troublesome.

anywayz, with my bicycle i can easily access the usual places that i need to go so i saw little need to take the public bus.

but i kept thinking to myself that i must take the bus at least once lah!! kekeke.

today's a good chance since hubbie was going to have drinks in the city centre. so i arranged to meet him there. and instead of me cycling there, i took the bus with kaira.

it costs me 2.40euros one way. expensive! how i miss hong kong public transport ;) and good thing i checked the bus schedule online and timed my arrival at the bus stop such that we didn't have to wait more than a minute for the bus :) wellz, at least their bus time tables are reliable.

i don't have a habit of bringing my camera out with me......... must remember to do so the next time i take the bus! ;p

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