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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another Culinary Lesson

Today, thanks again to some friends, i learnt how to make 饺子 dumpling from scratch, skin and all.

it seems easy when there are a few pairs of hands making the dumplings. but i am sure, if i am to venture it alone, it's gonna be so time consuming and i am not sure if the end result will commensurate the effort ;p kekeke.

but wellz, at least now i know how to make it. it's just a matter of making it!! ;p

actually i would love to learn how to make 肉粽. i remember my grandma making them when i was a kid. and when she was too old, my mum did make them a couple of times..... but i guess it's quite a tedious process so over the years, we have succumbed to the convenience of buying them!!

mum -- if u r reading this -- maybe we should make 肉粽 when i am back in singapore!!! otherwise, the art of making it will be lost ;p and over here, it's really not a matter of choice -- if i want to eat, i better learn how to make it!!!

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