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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This the season........

for white asparagus.

Come May and June -- these are in great abundance here! in the supermarket, i get say 500g for around 2-3 euros (sometimes more expensive, sometimes less). 500g is equivalent to say 8 thick spears. Maybe a better description should be big, fat, thick spears! they are definitely alot thicker than the regular green asparagus. i have forgotten to take a picture of the asparagus i just had. will remember to do so the next time and post it.

k, this is picture of the leftover white asparagus ;)

Prior to living in the netherlands, i have never eaten white asparagus before. at least, not at home! cos i don't know how to cook them?! I vaguely remember seeing them in CitySuper in Hong Kong, but i've never felt the urge to try them. and i don't remember eating them before in restaurants.

Last year, was my first experience eating white asparagus. Errrm, i concluded then that i don't really know what's the fuss about them (^,^).

This year, seeing so much of them in the supermarket, i just had to eat them ! Ha! even if it's for the thrill of eating a seasonal vegetable. Cos after this period, i won't be able to find netherlands-grown white asparagus at all!

I think i can say that i do enjoy them -- they are quite mild in flavor, nice and chunky. something different.

Guess this is life, embracing new things every stage.

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