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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's not just about whether Kaira's ready.... It is also about Me

Kaira has been toilet trained for quite a while now.

However, when we go out, i still feel more at ease if she wears a diaper :) then i don't hv to go looking for a toilet for her when she's in need ;p hehehe.

i have also been letting her wear the diaper to school as i was worried that (1) she was adapting to the new environment and (2) language barrier....since she doesn't speak dutch

and lastly, her night sleep. i still let her a wear diaper although in the morning, her diaper is 99% of the time dry. i am just so lazy to clean up, should accidents occur. (she has been off the diaper for her afternoon nap since 2 to 3 months if i remember correctly).

Deep in my heart i think she's ready to be fully off diaper. and i have been wondering when to take the big step! cos it seems more like "when am I ready???" rather than when is she ready?? :p

so since last month, i started off with her not wearing diapers when we go out, to supermarket, shopping whatever. Today, finally, she went to school without diapers. and I am thinking of taking her off the diaper for her night sleep as well.

I still have a few packs of diapers .... may have to give them away.

Wellz, she's really growing up .... 31months old and reaching yet another milestone.

1 comment:

Grace said...

i so agree...that sometimes it is ME that's not ready! like getting her off the pacifier last time...etc. it's true, sometimes we just don't want to go through the inconvenience or short-term suffering. But after that, it's all much better. so much like our walk with God as well..:)