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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

First Cuppa in the Garden

this year, we decided to invest in a garden table and chairs :) enjoy whatever sunny days we have when we can ;)
here's hubbie hard at work, together with Kaira :

we bought it almost a month ago and today's my first time enjoying a cup of tea in the garden!!

after papa set it up, weather turned wet and rainy!! hahaha..... then we went for our holiday... so yup, they were sitting around waiting to be "used"!

here's my cup of tea!

it's really nice sitting in one's own backyard, looking @ lush greenery and hearing the birds sing, enjoying the sunny weather (but not hot and humid!!). Add my bible (or a good book) and it has a peaceful and calming effect. I have been feeling quite frustrated over how to "deal" with kaira these days cos she's really into the "difficult 2 year old" stage (ok ok, as u can see, i am trying to avoid the term terrible 2s.... hahaha.... try not to be too fixed on the term terrible ;p) and i guess i really needed the moment of quiet and peace. to seek God's wisdom and grace. I admit, i have tons of impatience and anger can get the better of me. So i am in great need of God's grace and wisdom!!! Must really pray against anger and the work of Satan!! More grace. More love. Hallelujah.

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