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Monday, June 14, 2010

世界杯, 小管家婆

World Cup season has started! :)))

Hubbie bought some nuts from the open market on saturday to go with his beer during the soccer sessions. before he could eat any, he flew off on saturday night for japan. so, errr, i am left with the yummy supermix nuts.

they really go well with soccer watching ;)

surprisingly, little kaira likes the cashew nuts. i thought they were too hard for her and had not intended to give her any. but she insisted on trying the nuts. the varieties iinclude : hazelnut, almond, walnut, pistachio and cashew nut. she tried every one and proclaimed them "hard" except for the cashew nuts! and she actually asked for more. i told her not to eat too many of the nuts as they are "heaty". she seems to get the message. after a few nuts she'd stop.

and while i was happily munching on my nuts while watching the match, she comes to me and proclaim :

"Mummy, enough already. Close the box. Keep for tomorrow. Eat too much, later you vomit".

where did that come from???

anywayz, she gave me a very pleased look when i put away the box of nuts. she's becoming a 小管家婆!!

(*,*) so there, the end of my snacking!! just as well -- i tend to oversnack when watching sports ;p

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