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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Barcelona - food

I love spanish food. And i thoroughly enjoyed the tapas and paella that we had during our stay in barcelona.

Yet, funnily, i have very very few shots of the food that we ate!! and those that i have, they are usually of half eaten plates of food ;p we are usually just too excited to tuck into out food that we completely forget about photo-taking!! ;p what a pity!!

in the end, all i have are these of the places we ate at :) they were all good quality and yummy stuff albeit not cheap! Only costa gallega was a little of a letdown in terms of service but that could be a one-off incident ;p

7 Portes restaurant at Port Vell area. We had paella here.

Cuitat Comtel along Rambla de Catalunya. We were there 2x for tapas. Yumzzz.

Costa Gallega along Passieg De Gracia. Serves tapas and paella.

Fishop also along Passieg De Gracia. We had seafood here.

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