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Thursday, June 17, 2010

叉烧包 and back to basics

today i had the opportunity to learn to make 叉烧包 from a fren. it really is easier than it sounds. although i know i am not that great a student ;p hehehe.

and of course, it tastes nothing like those we get from restaurants/markets in singapore. it is afterall homemade!! so the 皮 is not as soft and fluffy, the filling is not as sweet and tender. But somehow, eating it gave ME (and i believe my 2 other frens as well) who made it a great sense of satisfaction!!

i am now so tempted to buy a breadmaker to "assist" me in making the dough so that i can do this more often! hehehe. not just 包, but also 馒头 as well as bread etc.

living here really brought me back to "basics". (ok ok, not to the extent of learning to make everything from scratch. hehehe. some help is needed like sauces and machines!)

coming from singapore/hong kong, it is just so convenient to buy everything! and they can taste so yummy, it is easier and more convenient to buy and buy and buy! plus, it probably saves us alot of time as well when time is so lacking in a fast paced society such as singapore and hong kong. really, if one is working or has other commitments, the few hours that we need to spare may just be too precious!

guess living here, opened my eyes to another type of living -- where the focus shifted from fast, quick, must show results to slow and let's enjoy the journey rather than focus on the end. ;p

granted i complain about the rather boring lifestyle here (other than the travelling), the lack of family and close frens, and high cost of living. but yet, these are the very reasons why i have the time to indulge in whatever ! ;p

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