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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buy Buy Buy!

Just as there's the Great Singapore sale around this period, over here, sales galore as well! discounts will get deeper i think going into jul/aug but now it's already fun to shop with at least 50% discount.

But, i mean shopping for kaira lah! i hardly buy any clothes here for myself in the netherlands (prefer to spend it elsewhere....hehehe) ;p

so far, i have bought :
3 sleeveless tops, 1 blouse, 2 short sleeve t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, 2 sun-dresses, 1 pair of tights, 2 pairs of knee-length socks for her.

some of the stuff are for use in Singapore when we go back end of the year and of course for next summer! hehehe.

paid less than 40 euros for everything ..... bargain or not???

looking forward to more sales!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

follow-up post : diaper

last nite, i asked kaira if she wanted to wear diapers to sleep. she said "No". So yup, she woke up dry in the morning :). so it seems that she's now off diapers completely.

And yup, i can now save $$$ cos there's no need to buy diapers anymore -- although i can't help but look out for diaper promotion -- and then i pause and realise there's no need for that anymore ;p

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The weather's pretty warm this week ... in fact, i dare say, it's HOT!! checked the weather forecast and i am not if i can rely on it .... it shows that temperature will reach 35degrees this coming week!!! unbelievable!!

so unlike 2 years ago today (27 June) when i first arrived in Eindhoven. Then, the weather was cool -- think it was in the teens and 20s. so much so i wondered if there's a summer?? ;p

we should really take advantage of the good weather and travel but it's world cup season now!!! so we are glued to the TV at home all weekend ;) in fact, i am glued to the TV everyday! ;p

that explains for the lack of photographs and posts.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am such a COWARD!!!!

i chose to let kaira wear her diaper for her night sleep last night.... hehehehe.... COWARDLY ME!! :p

it seems a little far-fetch here, but this incident caused me to think that maybe .... sometimes ..... maybe our children's achievements are "clipped" by our own lack of faith and conviction ;p

k, let's see when i have the courage to take the plunge ;p

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's not just about whether Kaira's ready.... It is also about Me

Kaira has been toilet trained for quite a while now.

However, when we go out, i still feel more at ease if she wears a diaper :) then i don't hv to go looking for a toilet for her when she's in need ;p hehehe.

i have also been letting her wear the diaper to school as i was worried that (1) she was adapting to the new environment and (2) language barrier....since she doesn't speak dutch

and lastly, her night sleep. i still let her a wear diaper although in the morning, her diaper is 99% of the time dry. i am just so lazy to clean up, should accidents occur. (she has been off the diaper for her afternoon nap since 2 to 3 months if i remember correctly).

Deep in my heart i think she's ready to be fully off diaper. and i have been wondering when to take the big step! cos it seems more like "when am I ready???" rather than when is she ready?? :p

so since last month, i started off with her not wearing diapers when we go out, to supermarket, shopping whatever. Today, finally, she went to school without diapers. and I am thinking of taking her off the diaper for her night sleep as well.

I still have a few packs of diapers .... may have to give them away.

Wellz, she's really growing up .... 31months old and reaching yet another milestone.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

叉烧包 and back to basics

today i had the opportunity to learn to make 叉烧包 from a fren. it really is easier than it sounds. although i know i am not that great a student ;p hehehe.

and of course, it tastes nothing like those we get from restaurants/markets in singapore. it is afterall homemade!! so the 皮 is not as soft and fluffy, the filling is not as sweet and tender. But somehow, eating it gave ME (and i believe my 2 other frens as well) who made it a great sense of satisfaction!!

i am now so tempted to buy a breadmaker to "assist" me in making the dough so that i can do this more often! hehehe. not just 包, but also 馒头 as well as bread etc.

living here really brought me back to "basics". (ok ok, not to the extent of learning to make everything from scratch. hehehe. some help is needed like sauces and machines!)

coming from singapore/hong kong, it is just so convenient to buy everything! and they can taste so yummy, it is easier and more convenient to buy and buy and buy! plus, it probably saves us alot of time as well when time is so lacking in a fast paced society such as singapore and hong kong. really, if one is working or has other commitments, the few hours that we need to spare may just be too precious!

guess living here, opened my eyes to another type of living -- where the focus shifted from fast, quick, must show results to slow and let's enjoy the journey rather than focus on the end. ;p

granted i complain about the rather boring lifestyle here (other than the travelling), the lack of family and close frens, and high cost of living. but yet, these are the very reasons why i have the time to indulge in whatever ! ;p

Monday, June 14, 2010

世界杯, 小管家婆

World Cup season has started! :)))

Hubbie bought some nuts from the open market on saturday to go with his beer during the soccer sessions. before he could eat any, he flew off on saturday night for japan. so, errr, i am left with the yummy supermix nuts.

they really go well with soccer watching ;)

surprisingly, little kaira likes the cashew nuts. i thought they were too hard for her and had not intended to give her any. but she insisted on trying the nuts. the varieties iinclude : hazelnut, almond, walnut, pistachio and cashew nut. she tried every one and proclaimed them "hard" except for the cashew nuts! and she actually asked for more. i told her not to eat too many of the nuts as they are "heaty". she seems to get the message. after a few nuts she'd stop.

and while i was happily munching on my nuts while watching the match, she comes to me and proclaim :

"Mummy, enough already. Close the box. Keep for tomorrow. Eat too much, later you vomit".

where did that come from???

anywayz, she gave me a very pleased look when i put away the box of nuts. she's becoming a 小管家婆!!

(*,*) so there, the end of my snacking!! just as well -- i tend to oversnack when watching sports ;p

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Adaptable Being, Human.

I am writing this to remind myself in future :
~~ should i be faced with the stress of change, that eventually, everything will be FINE.
~~ when i think that the situation is very difficult and the skies are grey -- that simply by pressing on, what greets me could be clear blue skies and a bright shining sun!!

Growing up, i've always seen myself as capable and so, appearing confident was natural. But underneath the persona of confidence, was that of insecurity and fears. As the years past, i got to know myself a little better ;p I am by nature, pessimistic. I will think of all the (worst) possibility scenarios. I like familiarity and i like to set boundaries to work within. i plan and plan and plan. i like contingency plans. I beat myself up over the smallest mistake/deviation. It is no wonder that I was easily stressed at work. Then again, i do enjoy the adrenalin that comes with it as well!

Faith in God helped me to some extent i suppose. I can say that knowing that God holds my future in his Hands, that He wants only the best for his child, brings comfort and allowed me to struggle less. but that doesn't mean that i didn't struggle.

Thank God also for hubbie who provides a balance with his more laid-back and everything will turn out fine attitude!!! what will i do without him?

There have been so many many changes in my life since end 2003/early 2004 and sometimes i must say that my in-born nature gets the better of me! o, i remember the adjustments, the struggles, sometimes reluctance and of couse some sadness and anger. Of course, peppered along the way the joys and happiness and love of God.

At the end of day, the sun is shining, the skies are blue.

so there, Wei Sze, whatever lies ahead, it's going to be fine. Just go along and enjoy the journey! Don't think too much about the destination cos at the end of the day, it may not be where u think u are going ;p

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

And the season for Fresh Mint Tea

It is officially my favorite tea for summer.

I used to dislike mint tea cos it really seems like i am drinking colgate!!! but last year when i was given a mint plant, i had to find uses for the mint and mint tea was one of them. i've grown to like fresh mint tea :) the fresh mint leaves make all the difference -- it's just not the same :)))

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This the season........

for white asparagus.

Come May and June -- these are in great abundance here! in the supermarket, i get say 500g for around 2-3 euros (sometimes more expensive, sometimes less). 500g is equivalent to say 8 thick spears. Maybe a better description should be big, fat, thick spears! they are definitely alot thicker than the regular green asparagus. i have forgotten to take a picture of the asparagus i just had. will remember to do so the next time and post it.

k, this is picture of the leftover white asparagus ;)

Prior to living in the netherlands, i have never eaten white asparagus before. at least, not at home! cos i don't know how to cook them?! I vaguely remember seeing them in CitySuper in Hong Kong, but i've never felt the urge to try them. and i don't remember eating them before in restaurants.

Last year, was my first experience eating white asparagus. Errrm, i concluded then that i don't really know what's the fuss about them (^,^).

This year, seeing so much of them in the supermarket, i just had to eat them ! Ha! even if it's for the thrill of eating a seasonal vegetable. Cos after this period, i won't be able to find netherlands-grown white asparagus at all!

I think i can say that i do enjoy them -- they are quite mild in flavor, nice and chunky. something different.

Guess this is life, embracing new things every stage.

2.5 years check up

ok, we are late by a couple of weeks as she turned 30months on 21 May.

Anywayz, all's good and kaira is 95cm tall and weighs 13.6kg.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Garden Time

This year, i am learning to appreciate our back garden more! Ha! It's quite easy to occupy kaira there -- give her a bath tub filled with water and her bath toys or a bottle to blow bubbles with, and she can be busy for a while!

of course, not forgetting her "motorbike", tricycle and balls. I have in mind lots of other stuff to buy now to keep her busy for the coming summer holidays!!! hehehe.

o, i can so get used to this!!!

of course nothing beats having company. here's kaira with her fren justin.

enjoying homemade 豆花 by justin's mum. yumz yumz.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

New HairDo

Her fringe was growing way too long for her comfort ... so when we got back last week i had to cut it.

Alas, she was moving and fidgeting throughout the session that i snipped off too much! ;p

This is her new fringe :

Think she looks so much better before :

her new hairband which we bought in barcelona will come in handy. she can sport this look for now !

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

First Cuppa in the Garden

this year, we decided to invest in a garden table and chairs :) enjoy whatever sunny days we have when we can ;)
here's hubbie hard at work, together with Kaira :

we bought it almost a month ago and today's my first time enjoying a cup of tea in the garden!!

after papa set it up, weather turned wet and rainy!! hahaha..... then we went for our holiday... so yup, they were sitting around waiting to be "used"!

here's my cup of tea!

it's really nice sitting in one's own backyard, looking @ lush greenery and hearing the birds sing, enjoying the sunny weather (but not hot and humid!!). Add my bible (or a good book) and it has a peaceful and calming effect. I have been feeling quite frustrated over how to "deal" with kaira these days cos she's really into the "difficult 2 year old" stage (ok ok, as u can see, i am trying to avoid the term terrible 2s.... hahaha.... try not to be too fixed on the term terrible ;p) and i guess i really needed the moment of quiet and peace. to seek God's wisdom and grace. I admit, i have tons of impatience and anger can get the better of me. So i am in great need of God's grace and wisdom!!! Must really pray against anger and the work of Satan!! More grace. More love. Hallelujah.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


she drew this while on board the cruise and said it's a girl holding to a balloon.

then she drew another picture, and told me it's a lizard.

maybe she has inherited Papa's creative side!!!

Barcelona - food

I love spanish food. And i thoroughly enjoyed the tapas and paella that we had during our stay in barcelona.

Yet, funnily, i have very very few shots of the food that we ate!! and those that i have, they are usually of half eaten plates of food ;p we are usually just too excited to tuck into out food that we completely forget about photo-taking!! ;p what a pity!!

in the end, all i have are these of the places we ate at :) they were all good quality and yummy stuff albeit not cheap! Only costa gallega was a little of a letdown in terms of service but that could be a one-off incident ;p

7 Portes restaurant at Port Vell area. We had paella here.

Cuitat Comtel along Rambla de Catalunya. We were there 2x for tapas. Yumzzz.

Costa Gallega along Passieg De Gracia. Serves tapas and paella.

Fishop also along Passieg De Gracia. We had seafood here.