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Thursday, May 27, 2010

We are Back!

What a great vacation! close to 2 weeks of sun and great weather that i almost forgot what it means to be cold..... until we touched down in eindhoven today to be greeted by rain and 10degrees celsius!!!

back to my reality :(

anywayz, back to our sunny vacation :)) we spent 5 days in barcelona and went on a 7D cruise (Tunis, Malta, Messina (sicily), genoa, civitevecchio (Rome) and Marseille)

so many many photos to upload and so much to write about before i forget!! i am really getting old ..... memories fade quite quickly.

that's one of the reason i like blogging, i can refer to "my past" when i need to! :)

k, more on our vacation later!

here's something to remind me barcelona -- such a vibrant and beautiful city. i love it.

view from the MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya)


The Woos said...

You made me so jealous! So wish I'm a SAHM still in Europe and I miss my holidays...haven't been on one since we are back...sob sob and I think won't be going on any till the baby is much older. sob sob....=(

Ms Long said...

and i am envious that you are back in sg with family and all! ;p on a more serious note, are u considering being a SAHM in sg after the second one pops? :)