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Sunday, May 09, 2010

This made me weepy......

it ocurred to me today that as time goes by and as the little one grows up, she will probably have vague memories of the times now.

what i treasure so much now, she may not remember. even though bits and parts of it is captured on print or videos, i know she may not be able to feel the warmth of the moment as much as i can and will.

the singing before sleep. the clasping of our hands. hugging and carrying her to provide comfort when she's crying. walking hand in hand in our neighbourhood. her spontaneous laughter and kisses. the joy of hearing her sprout new words and songs. the pride when she accomplishes something new. and so much more.

they are etched in my memory. i am not sure what place they may have in her memory as she grows. for me, i know i will periodically take some of these out of my memory bank to reminiscence and treasure.

and yes, this is a reminder to treasure the moment. for i do not know what tomorrow brings. it will be sad if even I lose this memory .......

1 comment:

jiaen silvia said...

well I actually remember a lot from when I was starting nursery, jumping on the bed and ended up on my mom giving her a black eye for a while, or getting one of my shoe trapped in the gap between platform & MTR in HK so that I had to be carried by my dad... my mom's surprised at what my sister & i can remember haha.

it may not be everything but things that was for then-me a big deal are remembered. Perhaps your daughter & you may not remember the same things, but I'm sure what she remembers will include you :D