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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Inaugural budget airline flight to Girona

Yes yes, i am slightly behind times i know, my very first time on a budget airline. ;p

How did it go? Great.

Before our flight, i was researching on the net about Girona airport and how to get to the city. it seemed convenient enough based on the experiences of others yet at the same time, negative feedback about the taxis @ the bus station that we will arrive at in barcelona etc made me a little nervous especially when we are travelling with a child.

anywayz, it all turned out well and fine! the flight was smooth and on time and everything was very efficient and fast. after 1.5hours, we reached Girona airport. baggage retrieval was easy and fast and then we are to take a shuttle bus to the city. We didn't even have to really figure out where the bus is, cos one can just follow the crowd -- that's the good thing i suppose on this flight, majority of the passengers have the same destination.

o, due to the baggage weight restriction, we had to really pack well and in that sense, it helped cos we don't have a big luggage to lug around and our cabin sized luggages were easy to manouvre. so getting from the plane to the bus to the taxi to our hotel was quite OK :) i had originally fretted about not being able to bring as much as i would like to in our baggage (plus additional space to bring back our shopping!)afterall it's a 2 week trip! but we managed.

Would i fly it again?

The reasons why my answer is not "Definitely" :
(a) timing and costs -- the timings of the flights can be quite horrendous if we really want to enjoy the cheap fares. but with a toddler, i figured we will have to stick to more "sane" timings -- and as a result i have a feeling that we didn't save much on flight costs. ;p

(b) baggage restriction -- for long trips, i think i prefer to have more allowance ;)

(c) how convenient will it be travelling from the destination airport into the city.

so, depending on the situation, i may. let's see!
at the eindhoven airport carpark

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