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Sunday, May 30, 2010


The last stop on our cruise itinerary is Marseille.

As with the other port towns we visited, it is yet another beautiful town!!!

The NotreDame is awesome. So majestic and beautiful. and so bright inside :) some churches are very dark inside but this, is in a class of its own -- the mosaic and detailing, very very beautiful.

Hubbie's initial plan was for us to trek up to the NotreDame ?!?!?! oh my, i am just glad we took the tourist tram ride instead! i don't think i would have made it up there on foot. ;p

and we had a great lunch of bouillabaisse :) was actually undecided whether we should pay for our own lunch ( since lunch is provided free on board the ship, we sometimes do a late lunch when we are day trips..... cheapo lah i know!!) but in the end, my desire to have bouillabaisse won.... hehehe. Must commend ourselves for the good choice!! the only "complain" was that i had the impression that bouillabaisse included shellfish and other seafood, not just fish.... but the one we had was purely fish -- 3 whole fish to be exact ! so i was a little taken aback abnd was worried that maybe it's a little too much fish for a dish ;p but the fish was very fresh and very delicious and we finished everything! ;)

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