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Saturday, May 01, 2010


Today's Queen's Day here in the netherlands -- wellz, we decided to head out instead of painting the town orange ;)

So off to Lille, a 2.5 hours ride from our place.

We reached Lille just before noon and headed for lunch. and then some shopping! coming from eindhoven, this is like heaven ;p even if i am just buying toiletries for kaira and stocking up on organic snacks for her!! hahaha. and Carrefour is just so big it's daunting! i only managed a few isles before i surrendered.

lots of window shopping one can do here in Lille and that suits me fine ;) we even found time to enjoy the greenery of Lille!

but as usual with most of my trips, the highlight is in the eating. i forgot to take note of the name of our lunch place, think it's Cafe Leffe or something -- it was good and not too pricey. i had a baked cod and hubbie had tripe sausage (which according to him was nice. but i didn't even want to eat it cos the smell!!! yipes, just puts me off ;p) 1 set meal, 1 a-la-carte main course, 1 drink for under 30 euros.

tea was @ Meert. Now this is a place worth visiting. maybe it was quiet today so it's especially tranquil and relaxing and the desserts really good. only thing is, it comes @ a price ;p we forgot to order their waffle -- that's what they are famous for!! i read up before going but when we reached there, there's just so much to choose that i completely forgot about it! but the dessert i chose, the seasonal tart which is strawberry and pistachio cream was just yummylicious!! worth every calorie! hehehe

Dinner was @ Hippotamus. Above average and not pricey :) and most importantly kids friendly! :)

It was a long day ....... we left home @ 9am and reached home @ 10pm!! one of the longest day trips we had! but it was worth it cos we really felt that we didn't have to rush.... we walked quite a fair bit, while away time eating and drinking and in between, did some shopping and took in the sights.

(will post pictures of the little one later ..... tired liao ..... nite nite)

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