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Friday, April 02, 2010


She's always asking me to do art and craft with her. or play new games, read new books, i am running out of ideas at times!

thanks to PP who gave us some activity books when we met up in Singapore, i took them out for her to practice her writing!!

wellz, initially she's quite enthusiastic. practicing the straight lines and curve lines and even manage to finish the "A" worksheet.

but haha, after that, patience went off. keep wanting to skip the pages and go on the B, to C, to D etc......

anywayz, i am not sure if she's really grasping the art of writing now .... just let her be since she seems to find it fun ... ;p


Hazel said...

She looks so diligent writing! Hazel will probably just mess up the worksheet by coloring it :P

Ms Long said...

haha -- she was looking the part only for the first part. after that, yep, she started coloring and stuff! ;p