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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a gorgeous weekend!!!

if this is an indication of the weather ahead -- it's really cause for celebration!! sunny, temperature around 20 degrees celsius, dry .... yeah!!!! i feel happy just thinking about it ;)

this weekend, we decided to take it easy -- cos next week, we may drive to Lille on friday and Gent on Sunday (it's a long weekend next weekend -- celebrating Queen's Day). but yet, i felt that we did alot!! thanks to the weather.

first thing on saturday morning, we did our daily marketing. then had a simple lunch of homemade burgers before bringing kaira to the park to while away a couple of hours. on the whim, we decided that we will drive to Dusseldorf for dinner as felt like having japanese. so at 3.45pm we set off to Dusseldorf. Reached there ard 5.15pm and had some time to pop by the japanese supermarkets to pick up japanese snacks, goodies etc. dinner @ 6pm and after dinner, we had time to do some shopping etc (isn't it great that some shops close @ 8pm instead of 5pm like here in eindhoven!?!). and we made our way home @ 8pm.

it seemed like we didn't do much -- but yet it was a very satisfying day for me!!! just time to enjoy our surroundings, appreciate what we have and luxuriate in the simplicity of life here.

i am looking forward to another relaxing day today (sunday) .... and just go with the flow..... when kaira was younger -- i have to admit that i am quite a stickler for routine and planned itineraries .... ;p must make sure she has her meals on time, be home (or whatever suitable place) on time for her naps etc etc -- it's difficult to just enjoy and go with the flow.... now that she's older -- i think it's time for me to loosen up a little!

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