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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Survival Dutch

yep, that's the name of the class that i have just started attending (first lesson was yesterday)!

i signed up for this last year but in recent weeks have been half-hearted about attending the class ;p laziness is one thing. the other being i am not sure how long we will be here and if i should spend the money on the lessons ??

anywayz, i am quite glad i went. it's a good way to know more people and have more interaction. plus i guess learning the language will always be handy.

but i can't help laughing at myself while trying to pronounce the very simple dutch words, or even the alphabets. so difficult. especially the letters "R" and "U" -- i have yet to master the pronounciation.

anywayz, this is for 10 lessons (of which i will be missing 2 cos we are going away for a cruise in May) and will end in mid-June. let's see how i progress and whether i will progress further???

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