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Friday, April 02, 2010

School Update - 2nd week

This is her second week attending school (PeuterSpeelzaal) and for a 2 yr 4+month old, i think she's really adapting well and doing great.

yes, she still cries when i drop her off. last week, being her first week, for both days she cried abt 15 minutes before stopping. this week, on tuesday, she cried for 10 mins and today, i believe she cried for 5 mins or so.

yes, she's grouchy and moody in the beginning, but both days this week when i went to pick her, she was very excited to see me and will shout "mummy mummy" and was generally in a jovial mood.

she loves to sing the dutch songs and can count from 1 to 10 in dutch. and because they have been doing Easter-related craft work, she came back and sprouted 2 dutch words -- kip (for chicken) and konijn (for rabbit). good that i know some basic dutch words lah -- so when she sprouts all these -- i can still figure out what she's saying ;p

today when i was approaching the school, i saw the school kids all playing @ the yard (this is quite common, especially when the weather is good!) and my dear little kaira was riding the tricycle -- without any help from the teacher. she could actually pedal and cycle. (altho for a short distance only)

i know she has been working on this skill since she first started school (that's also the reason why we brought her out on her tricycle last weekend to kind of reinforce it) -- but i was really surprised that she can manoeuvre the tricycle all by herself. (guess she also has no choice but to try to be as independent since the teacher is unlikely to be assisting her all the time).

and i guess that's the part of the day she likes best -- getting to play outside.

so all in all, school's going well for her i suppose!

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