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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Public Holiday..... NOT .

5 May, as marked on my dutch calendar, is an official public holiday (although, it is official only once every 5 years). Anywayz, it's supposed to be Liberation Day --- and although Liberation Day is celebrated every year, it is officially a public holiday only once every 5 last year, when i thought it was a holiday, it wasn't (@_@)

now, 2010 is the "every 5th" year -- and so i thought, ok, we will be able to enjoy the "holiday" -- but hahaha, it's not to be! cos hubbie's company, for whatever good reason, does not recognise this public holiday.

why do they like to complicate a simple matter such a public holiday?? i am baffled. or maybe it's not complicated at all -- just perceived so by me, the simpleton!!!!

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