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Monday, April 05, 2010

Luxembourg City + Vianden

This is our third attempt planning a trip to Luxembourg and we finally made it!

Although the wet and grey weather really does little justice to the beautiful city. The rain and grey skies took some charm away i suppose ;(

Why didn't we make it the last 2 times? well, both times kaira came down with fever one day before the trip so we cancelled it.

It was really a smooth 3 hour (slightly under) drive to Luxembourg and we didn't even make a pit stop! so we reached the city ready for lunch. it's really a very small city, so 1 day is more than sufficient for one to explore the place.

and because it was raining, we spend quite alot of our time having lunch, tea and dinner!! ;p o, and Namur, where we had tea was excellent. nice pastries, good ambience ....wish we had more of these around here! ;p

so what's there to see? the Grand Ducal Palace, Petrusse Valley where the Grund, casemates etc are located. it's really a pity that the rain kind of put a spoiler on our plans.

Next day, we made our way to the Les Ardennes region, a town called Vianden. lovely castle, lovely river, small town atmosphere (which i love!) .... a perfect place to while away time with .... more tea!! and food! actually there's a chairlift that we could have taken to the top of a hill but with the wet weather, we decided to give it a miss.

every time we visit a town where a river runs through it, it's always lovely. even with the rain. somehow the river made the difference! and maybe that's y, the songwriter was inspired to write the song "I have peace like a river"!! i can finally understand why!!

this trip is really quite leisurely -- cos so much of our time is spent indoors, eating ;p let's see if there's a chance to visit it again in better weather. i would love the explore the Les Ardennes a bit more :)

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