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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day @ Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe

The weather was gorgeous today so we decided to have some outdoor fun and headed to De Hoge Veluwe National Park, which is about an hour's drive from our place.

There are 3 entrances to the park and we headed to the Otterlo entrance. Our drive there took us via Verlengde Arnhemseweg and we passed by a restaurant Planken Wambius which attracted our attention cos a convoy of sports car (think Porsche, Ferrari, etc) were making their exit from this restaurant. so we took a mental note of this place as a potential "candidate" for dinner ;)

anyway, back to the park.

there are free white bikes provided @ the park and it really makes it so much more convenient! love it. it's my first time cycling on a bike without handbrakes! and dear hubbie didn't tell me beforehand that if i want to brake i am supposed to reverse pedal (ok, now i know!) .... so there i was, trying to use my legs to brake....LOL. anyway, after knowing the "trick", it was a breeze ;p hehehe.

seriously, tell me, do u know that reverse pedalling is a form of brake??? who knows such things? not me .... ;p how does hubby know? beats me! that's y he's the best!!! hehehe.

the park is huge but maybe it's the time of the year so it's still kind of brown. and i was complaining that we are having more "brownery" instead of "greenery", which is what comes to mine when i see the word "park" .... hehehe. and i was disappointed we didn't see any animals ;( mebbe we weren't cycling @ the right areas or maybe cos we didn't venture to the off-beaten track .... guess the animals will have to wait till the next visit.

Was glad that we went to the Kroller-Muller museum. It has a very huge outdoor sculpture garden and some of the sculptures were "interactive" and very interesting. Kaira had a wonderful time running about and "interacting" with art!

Of course, in netherlands, the park is not complete without a children's play area and that made Kaira's day ;)

it was a really leisurely afternoon @ the park (we reached ard 1pm and left ard 530pm. could have stayed longer as it closes at 8pm but the gal was very tired by then) and if not for the rather pricey entrance (7.50euro per adult excluding the museum), i would love to come here more often!

so did we have dinner at plankenwambuis as planned? well, we did go there, but one look @ the setting and menu, we decided to give it a miss. don't think it's a place for toddlers ;p would be better if we made it for lunch or tea where we can enjoy the more relaxed terrace seating area. the dinner setting was way too formal for us. think we will "disturb" the rest of the patrons. hehe. so we settled for a family style restaurant with an outdoor play area for children. the food was not great, but it was relaxing!

so all in, a very nice outing. :)

this year, my goal is to visit as many of the dutch local attractions as possible. this being the first of our list. i have quite a long list, let's see how much we can cover this year ;)

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