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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"These all Kaira's"!

it was time for kaira to have some fruits. so i washed the last of the grapes and put them in a bowl for us to share.

for some reason, i decided to count the number of grapes today and there were 14 big, juicy red globe grapes.

we started eating the grapes together. one for kaira, one for me. when i got to my third grape, my little gal suddenly looked at me and said "mummy finish eating already".

i wasn't sure what she's referring to....or maybe she got it wrong ..... so i replied "no, mummy's not done yet. mummy is still eating the grapes".

she pointed to the rest of the grapes in the bowl and declared "these all kaira's"!!!

O, ok, i get the message now -- i am suppose to stop eating so that she can have ALL OF THE GRAPES!!

what a greedy gal ;p

i decided to "test" her. so i said "kaira share the grapes with mummy ok? one for kaira, one for mummy."

a loud "NO" and i know that's the end of the grapes for me!

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