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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry, No Recent Photos.

it's not just hot weather that makes one lethargic. the cold weather has a similar effect ;( that's y since we have been back, i haven't taken any photos of kaira ... ;)

either we are at home. or when we go out, after taking so long to dress up (layers and layers of clothes), i totally forgot about the camera. and on those ocassions i remember, once we are out there, it's so cold, i don't feel like holding the camera!! hahaha.

she's adjusted back to life here in suppose. but i think emotionally, as she's growing, it's a rather difficult phase for her, and us as well. she's very "difficult" -- very difficult to get her to cooperate to do the things one want her to do. so changing to go out can be a chore. brushing her teeth as well. drinking milk too. u get the picture.

just last weekend she went through a "moody" period -- very grouchy. cries for no reason. gets upset very easily.....o well. it's really difficult being a 2 year old i suppose.

and equally challenging for her caregiver.

i have to find new ways to get her to cooperate. wish me luck.

1 comment:

Grace said...

same here...Eliza's getting less cooperative on things like drinking milk and brushing teeth too..and some little bits here and there. we just had a meltdown on teethbrushing today which i just gave up for today anyway.

wishing you patience and luck too :) it's tough keeping cool. jiayous!