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Thursday, March 25, 2010

So, how did the first day @ school go?

when i went to fetch her, she was waiting for me, holding her teacher's hand. most of the other kids have already left (think i was one of the last to arrive ;p).

i have to admit that i was abit disappointed that she wasn't very cheery and smiley when she saw me. she had a rather pensive look. but when i asked her what she did in school, she was quite excited in narrating how she was "cycling" with the teacher's help. (think that was the last activity before school ended). and when i asked her if she liked the teachers, she said yes. that's good.

i did ask her if she would like to go to school again. and i asked her quite a few times throughout the last 2 days. initially, she sometimes says "NO" (oh dear) but usually the answer is YES. i guess she's also processing her own feelings about this change.

but i think a good sign is what she "told" my fren when we visited my fren yesterday. as we have not met my fren for a few weeks, my fren commented in mandarin that kaira has "grown". and kaira's immediate response on hearing that was "上学了"! and she was smiling and prancing around. so i guess that's a positive association for her :)

tomorrow is her 2nd time in school, let's hope she will enjoy herself better.

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