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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paris Disneyland ..... Peuterspeelzaal

We are off to disney Thursday and returning on Sunday!

i hope lil' kaira enjoys this trip! after this she's going to start PeuterSpeelzaal (i think that's how it's spelt!) -- sort of pre-school. for a start, she's going 2x a week, once in the morning, and once afternoon. i am hoping she adjust well to school but i am also mentally (i think so!) prepared for a dose of separation anxiety (read : crying) in the early stage.

but i am thankful God has given us our first choice which is the current one which i bring her for her once a week playgroup (speelinloop is the dutch term i believe) now. at least i know for sure that one of the teachers is very nice and can speak english fairly well. so that helps. initially, i received a call from our second choice and i was kind of disappointed .... but thank God He "intervened" and turned things around :) praying that that heralds a good start!

the start of the peuterspeelzaal is gonna be an interesting cos it's a dutch environment and it may be difficult in the beginning since she doesn't speak nor understand a word of dutch now. we have made the deliberate choice of putting her in the dutch system for now, let's hope it's the BEST decision. IF we stay here long enough, we will transfer her to the international school when she's 4. i hope we don't have to do that! ;p

how did a post that started off with paris disneyland ended up with me talking about her schooling options??? :-P

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