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Monday, March 01, 2010

My Skin & I

have i finally found a "solution" to my skin problems?

in singapore, i bought a dead sea mud mask. after using it, i seemed to see improvements in my skin. there are days when i still have redness, bumps etc, but there are also days when i noticed that my skin is less red, and the bumps are gone.

i am really not sure if the dead sea mud mask is working wonders?? or is this but a passing phase due to the coincidental timing of various events :

1) use of the dead sea mud mask
2) alternate use of 2 types of moisturer
3) me taking the TCM medication to 调理 my body/health. (about 2 weeks after i started using the mask)
4) ocassional use of the mineral make up when i was singapore, just about the time i started the use of the dead sea mud mask
5) retun to cooler temperatures here.

must say though that when i first started using the mask, my face seemed to be worse off. so after 3 days i stopped. (was supposed to use it for 7 consecutive days according to the sales lady) surprisingly, after i stopped using it, face looked better. so after that, i use it once every other day or every 2 days. and after each mask application, i do notice that the skin appears to be "absorb" moisturer better.

psychological effect? or real? i dunno.

what i do know, returning to the cooler climate here, the skin is definitely in better shape than it was in singapore. less redness and less bumps although dry. since i returned it has been so far so good! it's been sooooooooo long since i haven't had a "red faced"-day or "bumpy faced"-day. that when i look into the mirror this period, i hope that it will be like this EVERYDAY from now on. (have not used the mask since i returned a week ago, will start using the it soon..... need to maintain this... hehe)

o, i must rave about mineral make up. i think it's really great and so much more suited for my skin than conventional make up!!! yea! finally found something that doesn't irritate my skin.

well, if u were like me having problems with eczema, rosacea whatever -- i hope u find the solution to your skin problems soon. i hope that i have found mine!! and that the face will not deteriorate again.

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