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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michelin Star Restaurants

who would have thought that this city, that i think rather "lowly" of in terms of food, is home to michelin star restaurants???

unbelievable. here, where most of my eating out experiences were at best OK, is home to at least 2 1-star michelin restaurants!!!!

i wonder if i will have the chance to try it? i have always wanted such an experience but with a kid and no one to help look after, it's hard to imagine us taking the time out for fine dining.

even though i know there are michelin star restaurants all over the world, still, when i think about michelin-star restaurants i think of France, the UK ;p

Was telling hubbie that maybe we should make it a point to visit one (since it's right here where we live) before we permanently leave this place (whenever that will be!)

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