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Monday, March 29, 2010

Growing UP so fast!

She's just growing up so fast -- it's heartwarming and scary at the same time.

she no longer depends on us for everything. and is exhibiting her independence and maturity by attempting to do so many things herself.

sometimes i feel a sense of relieve -- can relax liao! hahaha.. sometimes, abit sad, like she doesn't need me that much now ;p aaah, what a bittersweet feeling.

for example, the other day at the playground, she wanted to go onto the swing and i was following her, fully expecting to help her onto the swing. but she was far ahead of me and just decided that she can do it herself and she did. happily swinging even before i reached her. although she did call out to me to help her go higher (phew!).

just tonight, she had some "pi sai" and she digged it out (sounds disgusting but she's just so competent at it i tell u!! LOLOL ;p) usually she gives it to us for us to throw it away and get the tissue to help clean her up. today, she did give it to us, and then trotted off to get the tissue paper herself and came back to us to get the piece of "pi sai" to throw it away.

she wears her own shoes, takes off her own jacket, pants, panties now. when she's in a good mood she feeds herself and she can finish the entire meal by herself without help (but that is if she's in the mood lah).

sigh, she's just growing up so fast every day and it's nice to take some time to reflect and appreciate how much she's grown.

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