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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First Day @ School

Today marks another milestone.

Kaira officially starts "schooling". For a start, she's going to attend the PeuterSpeelza 2 times a week. A morning session fr 845am to 1215am and a mid-day session from 1245pm-245pm. I signed her up for a 4-day week, 2 mornings and 2 mid-days but they have a place only for 2 days, so we are starting with that first.

probably also good, so kaira has time to adjust to the routine.

for weeks (maybe even months!) i have been preparing her for this day. telling her about what may happen in school. that i cannot be there, that the teachers will love her and take care of her etc. i am not sure how much that helps in preparing her.

having read about the many initial experiences of other toddlers, i am mentally prepared for her crying when i have to leave her. but i guess, it's still a bit hard cos even when i walk away (knowing that this is what i had to do), there's alot of unrest in the heart and wondering how she's coping.

anywayz, she has been telling me that she wants to go to school. and that she won't cry. that the teachers love her and will play with her.

but haha! today, as i leave her in the safe hands of the teachers, she was wailing so badly! aiyo. i can hear her from outside the building. ;(

the teacher, a very nice lady who spoke english quite well, told me if they could not settle her or if she's still crying after a long time, they will call me.

anywayz, i was walking in the vicinity of the school (how to go home rite???) and waited for 15 minutes and called the school.

initially i didn't hear any crying/screaming, then i heard her! oops, still crying. but the teacher was telling me that she was quiet at times and not crying all the time and they are distracting her with toys etc. OK, doesn't sound so bad.

i had wanted to shop around but was just not in the mood. so i went hope.

around 2pm i got a call from the school. oops, is it bad news? my heart skipped a beat.

thank God it was the teacher calling to put my mind @ ease. she told me kaira's now participating in the art and craft session and she's no longer crying. *phew*. doesn't sound too bad.

i am going to pick her up in half an hour's time. let's see what the little one says!

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