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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disneyland Paris

Just got back from a 4D3N stay @ disney.

The last time i went to disneyland, was some 20 years ago and it was @ the Tokyo Disneyland. I have vague memories of it. and honestly, i am not that great a disney fan. but it's the "magical kingdom" afterall -- it's good to experience it once in a while, no?? hehehe

decided to make this trip for a couple of reasons : (1) that the little one may experience something new and also since she already recognise some of the disney characters like snow white, dopey and aladdin, i thought she may "enjoy" it and (2) we don't know how long we will live here in europe, so have adopted the "can travel, will travel" philosophy -- that will minimise any "regrets" when it's time for us to leave this place. (i use the term "minimise" because i am very sure we won't be able to "see" all that we want to see in europe before we move back in asia .... assuming that we will be returning in the near future!!!!! my "wishful" assumption?? ;p)

the drive there was really smooth. left home ard 930am and we were @ the resort ard 230pm. after checking in, we had time to enjoy a few rides @ the park :)

kaira enjoyed certain aspects of disney i suppose. but what she doesn't appreciate are the life-size characters....hehehe. she's afraid of them! e.g. when she sees mickey afar, she will point it out to us and call out to Mickey and wave to him.... but when mickey approaches....hohoho.....we have a wailing toddler!! one of our lunch had mickey, goofy & pluto lunching with us. so the characters were going around to every table to "interact" and have photos taken. after the lunch, she will tell us she doesn't want to have lunch with goofy! LOLOL. must have been traumatised. while i quite like having the characters around during lunch -- but it's very difficult to have my picture taken with them when i have a wailing toddler. even if i said that i wanted take the picture, she will tell me not to.

she enjoys the live performances and parades -- cos her favorite character, snow white, will appear!!!

the rides -- no surprise that she loves Dumbo the elephant, tea-cups and aladdin's magic carpet -- the kind that lets her "fly" or "spin"!! her 2 favorite actions.

and her favorite activity -- going to the playground, and jumping on the hotel bed!!! we could have stayed home for her to do that.... ;p

ok, enuff of things from her perspective.

we stayed @ the Disney Sequoia Lodge. Prior to booking, i was undecided whether i should pay more and choose the Disneyland Hotel instead. but cos the price difference was a few hundred euros for our entire stay -- decided to give Disneyland Hotel a miss. Sequoia Lodge was decent. but it's definitely showing its age. and the service staff -- really lacking the "disney magic". ;p or maybe cos i was unwell (came down with sore throat and cough) that i completely missed the their service magic! (cos from my memory, i distinctly remember smiling faces and extremely courteous service staff @ tokyo disneyland. guess the difference lies there.....)

as for the rides, no complaints! even though we were unable to take the more exciting ones (what fun is it to take the run alone?? as the other half has to look after the little one) whatever we could were good enough. i especially like the Pirates of the Carribean ride :) although some rides were a little too short.

pity that we were all abit sick since last weekend(hubbie and me were coughing since sunday. little kaira had a runny nose last sunday and i thought she has recovered cos she was well on thursday. but came down again with a slight fever on our last day). maybe it would be more magical otherwise ;p

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